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Pedal Bike Insurance — Pedal Power Bicycle Insurance

Why Do You Need Bicycle Insurance?

Your home owners' insurance may not provide adequate coverage for today's bicycle. Your coverage may fall short in all areas of coverage — damage, theft, liability and injury. That's where Pedal Power can help, and it is why OASIS Outdoor Adventure and Sports Insurance Solutions Inc. created the specialized Pedal Power bicycle insurance program for your pedal bike. In addition to providing damage, injury, liability insurance for bicycles, the Pedal Power program can also extend coverage for competitive bike riders. Read on to find out more about our pedal bike insurance program options for personal injury and income replacement, physical damage and third party liability coverage. accidents, damage and theft..

Bicycle Liability Insurance

Accidents happen. When they do, you might be held responsible to compensate others for damage to their property or person. In those situations. Liability insurance can help if you as a rider are found to be at fault in an bicycle accident that causes injury or death to someone else — or if you have an accident that damages someone's property. In these cases and some others, our pedal bike liability insurance coverage can help.

Bicycle Personal Injury Insurance

Sometimes personal health insurance may not provide adequate coverage for medical expenses, disability, loss of income or death that results from pedal bike-related incidents. Again, our bicycle insurance program can help. Your pedal bike insurance policy can optionally provide coverage for the insured to help cover such risks.

Bicycle Insurance for Theft or Damage

Your bike is valuable. Our bike insurance program can provide coverage against direct and accidental damage, due to upset or collision and risks such as from first, lightening, hail and vandalism. Pedal bikes are also at significant risk of theft — and again, the OASIS bicycle insurance program can help mitigate against such risks.

What to do next?

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